IT 2502

eCommerce: Commission publishes results of first EU-wide control of Internet marketed food

Today, the Commission published the results of the first coordinated official controls of Internet marketed foods carried out by 25 EU Member States, Switzerland and Norway. In September 2017 the competent national authorities checked nearly 1100 websites for offers of non-authorised novel foods and food supplements. They found 779 offers for the sale of products clearly not complying with the EU legislation, whether in terms of labelling, false claims or lack of authorisation. This was the first time that the national authorities pooled their experience and resources, showing their preparedness to respond to the challenges of the online world and to protect the citizens from unsafe and misleading products offered online.

Background: Recognising that the online sales of food products are increasing in Europe, the Commission issued a Recommendation in 2017 calling for the establishment of a coordinated control plan to encourage Member States to strengthen eCommerce controls and to cooperate more closely on cross-border offers of products.